PhD Project
Environmental changes and functional responses of Mekong fish fauna: patterns and determinants of fish community

–  Prof. Dr. Sovan LEK, Exceptional Class Professor, University of Toulouse
–  Dr. Ratha CHEA, University of Battambang

Understanding the relationships between biological diversity and ecosystem functioning is central question of modern ecology. This problematic  is even more crucial that human activities such as water abstraction, flow regulation, shifts in agricultural practices, climate changes and biological invasions are affecting simultaneously biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and their complex interactions. Yet, our ability to determine how ecosystems may respond to such changes is limited, despite ecologists frequently being requested to provide policy makers and managers with predictions.  The main objective of the work seeks to  understand the effect of environmental change on the productivity and ecosystem function within the Mekong River Basin in order to mitigate the impact of development on human lives, livelihoods, and biodiversity within the region. This scientific understanding is being translated  into decision support tools for use by stakeholders in order to better manage the biodiversity and other natural resources facing rapid global environmental changes.

–  Holding Master with relevant background to the subject
–  Familiar with R software
–  Experience in handling large dataset
–  Strong motivation with high sense of responsibility
–  Initiative in research and high level of independence

Interested candidate can send his/her CV from now on to:
-Prof. Sovan Lek (
-Dr. Ratha Chea (

Deadline of application: 30th  September 2017

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