A workshop for evaluation of MSc. Curriculum in Management of Environment and Resources at AGU was held on 08 September 2017.

The purposes of this workshop are:
– To obtain the opinion of stakeholders (included lecturer, officer, researcher, employer and old-bachelor student) about the new MSc. curriculum in Management of environment and resources.
– To service the work demand in the management of environment and resources in Mekong delta.
– To complete the proposal of development of new curriculum before submit to Ministry of Training and Education.

60 participants were attended in this workshop including AGU staff, Expert Group, representative from An Giang Provincial Department of Environment and Resource, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and well as former bachelor students majoring in Environmental Engineering, Management of Environment and Resource and Aquaculture…etc.

The content of this workshop was divided into three parts.
Part 1: The investigation about work demand in the management of environment and resources in An Giang prov. and Mekong delta – Vietnam

  • Introduction of CONSEA project and the demand of development an advanced MSc. curriculum at Mekong delta.
  • Obtaining the stakeholder opinion by questionnaire

Part 2: The opinion of stakeholders for a draft MSc. curriculum in management of environment and resources

  • A presentation of curriculum
  • Discussion and obtaining the stakeholder opinion by questionnaire.

Part 3: Obtaining the stakeholder opinion for the workshop by questionnaire

As a results, The work demand in management of environment and resource has still been high. The stakeholder opinion agree to set up the MSc. curriculum in Management of environment and resource at AGU (ration ~ 98 %)

The stakeholders agreed with this MSc. curriculum (ratio of ~ 96 %). However, the opinion of expert group is the curriculum should increase the credit for courses in Biodiversity conservation, and add some courses in environmental engineering in the eclective course part. The stakeholder appricated the organization of AGU for this workshop (ratio ~94 %).

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