Project Acronym: CONSEA
Project Title: Developing curricula for Environmental safety and CONservation of the Biodiversity in South-East Asia
Project Type: Capacity Building in Higher Education, Erasmus+ Key Action 2
Project Duration: 15/10/2016 – 14/10/2019
Total Budget: 999.878,50

CONSEA aims to ensure Biodiversity Conservation & Environmental sustainability around the Mekong basin through the development of an effective education programme at the Master and PhD levels as a collaborative effort between countries in Southeast Asia (Cambodia and Vietnam) and Europe. In this way, CONSEA seeks to support the modernization of the research and teaching in the Asian partner countries and improve skills by offering training to staff of the participating Cambodian and Vietnamese universities.

Specific objective

  • To develop/reform a best-practice curriculum of Master Degree (MS) and PhD programmes in Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Environment in SEA
  • To educate students with essential knowledge, transferable skills and experience via the developed MS program
  • To improve SEA educational system through high technology teaching equipment
  • To transfer the best practices of Biodiversity conservation technology to Stakeholder/Managers of the environment